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Langley Tow Company

Langley Tow Choices: Langley Towing Company, Langley Tow, and Langley Emergency Towing

Clover Towing does not just have one tow truck. They have a fleet of Langley tow trucks to match your needs whether you need of a tow truck right away or you need a special item pulled like a travel trailer or semi-truck which requires a different hitch than the car. With the large fleet of Langley tow trucks available from Clover Towing we can meet your towing needs.

Clover Towing Langley Tow Truck Services Tow:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • RVs
  • Heavy-duty equipment
  • Trailers
  • Semi-trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Vintage collector cars
  • Sports cars
  • Heavy -duty equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • And more

A Langley Tow Truck Pulls Vehicles:

  • Off the highway
  • Out of the ditch
  • Out of the field
  • Out of the intersection
  • Off the curb
  • Recaptures stolen cars
  • Recovers car accident clean up
  • Retrieves broken down cars
  • Reclaims abandoned cars

35 Years of Langley Tow Truck Services for Langley Residents

For 35 years Clover Towing has been offering Langley tow truck services to Langley residents and visitors to Langley. Our professional staff is capable and responsible with your vehicle towing needs. Our staff goes through regular training sessions to ensure that the driver can retrieve your car out of most situations that they come across.

Clover Towing offers equipment transport and roadside assistance for Langley tow truck services, Surrey, Aldergrove, and surrounding areas.

We do routine car pickups from accidents or abandoned cars on the freeway and side roads so feel free to call us with your towing questions.

Clover Towing also offers an impound lot. We impound cars for ICBC and the RCMP. Learn about more information on the Clover Towing vehicle impound program. This program keeps your vehicle safe while you are working out solutions with ICBC or the RCMP. Speak to dispatch at Langley towing.

We have a fleet of Langley tow truck options to help you get out a bad position. Simply call 604-513-1900 for a Langley tow truck.

Serving the Langley and Surrey area for over 35 years!

Call 604-513-1900 for a Langley Tow Now

Clover Towing can handle all your towing needs and they are up for the challenge of helping you get out of a bad situation and into a better safer place. We have a secure impound lot to hold your vehicle if needed until you are ready to use it again.

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